Active Inventory Management

4Cn has a unique product – AIM, or Actively Managed Inventory – to help providers at every level of the supply chain with the management of their Last Mile.  The Last Mile is from a Distribution Centre or Warehouse to the Retail Outlet, and is the part most supply chain providers have the least control or certainty over.  AIM changes all that.  

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Integrated Solutions

Our SMART API Process means that whichever point-of-sale (POS) you use, we can retrieve sales and inventory to assist with the predictive accuracy of your sale forecast and then simply deduct your stock on hand to create simple suggested orders.

It a matter of point and click!

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Take costs out of supply

The main objective of AIM is to increase efficiency at the outlet level - this is done through reducing order frequency and increasing stock accuracy - less lost sales, orders and unpacking days. Less frequent deliveries, invoice data entry for staff, paperwork.

One portal to order everything.

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Get smart with your supply chain, today

When you talk to anyone who makes product, ships product or sells product, there is always one thing we all agree on: wouldn't life be easier with a clear idea of who needs what, where?

That's where we come in.  By connecting to all the points along a supply chain, 4Cn (pronounced foreseen) we give visibility to the blind, certainty to the doubtful and the right product to the right person at the right time.

What sets us apart?  We have a deep knowledge of supply chain issues as they pertain to healthcare, retail and the wholesalers that support them.

Put that together with our machine learning and you have a beautiful partnership.

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